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Brown Team Tops Gold in Intersquad Meet, 364-248

LARAMIE, Wyo. (Sept. 29, 2017) – The University of Wyoming Swimming and Diving Team held their annual Brown and Gold Meet Friday evening in Laramie. The Brown team took the win with a score of 364 to Gold's 248. The results determined which team practices Saturday and who gets the morning off.  

The Brown team started off strong in the women's 400 Medley Relay to kick off the meet with their winning time of 3:54.13. Brown also came in third with their last swimmer touching the wall at 4:01.92. Though Gold had a second place swim with a time of 4:00.11, unfortunately their other team was disqualified, earning them zero points.

In the men's 400 yard Medley Relay, the Brown team won again with a time of 3:23.99. The Gold teams followed taking second and third with times of 3:31.81 and 3:40.18.

The Brown team continued to best Gold with another win in the women's 1000 freestyle. Sophomore Talita Te Flan touched the wall first with a time of 10:45.30 and sophomore Astrid Iturbe behind her at 11:04.21.

The win in the men's 1000 freestyle was taken by the Gold team with sophomore Seth Borgert's time of 10:10.95. Gold followed with junior Kyle Moore's second place time of 10:12.45.

Senior Kelly Sheldon on the Brown team helped them continue to dominate in the women's 200 freestyle with her winning time of 1:55.77. Teammate Katelyn Blattner, freshman, came in second with 1:56.21. Gold took third, fourth and fifth in the event.

The Brown team won again in the men's 200 freestyle with senior Slade Sheaffer winning by a two-second margin with a time of 1:44.04. The closest time behind him was sophomore PJ Musser on the Brown team with his time of 1:46.03.

In the women's 100 backstroke, junior Samantha Burke from the Gold team took the win with her first place time of 57.39. Redshirt junior Connor Tarver from the Brown team also broke a minute following with her second place time of 59.24.

The men's 100 backstroke was a close race with first, second and third place times not even one second a part. Senior Ryann Ball of the Brown team touched the wall first with the winning time of 52.23. Sophomore Sean Calkins on Gold came in a close second with a 52.71 and Brown team swimmer Tyler Klatt, sophomore, was barely out touched with his time of 52.93.

Senior Maria Harutjunjan took the first place win for the Brown team in the women's 100 breaststroke with her time of 1:05.98. Brown took second with senior Susanna Schumann's time of 1:06.88 and Gold came in third with sophomore Courtney Roeber's time of 1:10.59.

The Gold team took the win in the men's 100 breaststroke thanks to senior Kyle White's winning time of 56.31. The next time behind him was 57.45 by freshman Mitch Hovis of the Brown team.

In the women's 200 butterfly, freshman Gabrielle Limon from the Brown team dominated with her 2:14.80 swim. Junior Shannon Chelsvig came in second behind Limon with a time of 2:20.18 to give the Brown team another second place finish.

Junior Jack Herron gave the Brown team another win with his 200 butterfly time of 1:55.93. Brown took second place again with senior Wade Nelson's time of 1:57.16. Third and fourth place were taken by the Gold team.

In the fastest events of the meet, Gold took first in both women and men's 50 freestyle. Junior Isobel Ryan won with her time of 24.03 and junior David Murphy won with his time of 20:58.

As the only Brown team member in the women's three meter diving, sophomore Karla Contreras dominated with her first place score of 322.87. Second, third and fourth place went to the Gold team.

The gold team took first and second in the men's three meter diving with sophomore Scotia Mullin's winning score of 294.22 and freshman Elijah Chan's second place score of 213.60.  

In the women's one meter diving, the Brown team dominated again with sophomore Karla Contreras' score of 321.52. Sophomore Scotia Mullin took first again for the Gold team with his score of 312.45.

In the last events of the meet the Gold team took first for both men and women in the 400 freestyle relay. The women's team posted a time of 3:36.26 and the men won with a 3:07.75.

With the final score of 364 to 248, the Brown team earned victory in this year's annual Brown and Gold meet to kick off the season for UW.
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