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Inside Wyoming Women's Basketball with Coreen Labish
Oct. 27, 2015


Q: Being from the state of Washington, what attracted you most to come to the University of Wyoming?
A: What attracted me the most to come here was definitely the small town feel. I grew up in a small town my whole life so it just fit me perfectly. I also really liked the coaching staff, as I had been talking to them for four years. I love how Laramie and the whole State supports the school. It just seemed right that I would come to the University of Wyoming.

Q: What aspect of playing Division I basketball for the University of Wyoming are you most excited about?
A: I am most excited about playing with such a great team, and to also just keep getting better and better each day I step out on that court. I have dreamed of this my entire life and to finally be here playing basketball at Wyoming is greater than anything I have ever imagined it to be.

Q: What was your proudest basketball moment while at Mead High School?
A: My proudest moments at Mead was our rivalry spirit games against Mount Spokane. I always loved the packed gym with all the students coming dressed up in whatever our theme was. You could always feel the energy and excitement and best of all we always won!

Q: If you could meet any basketball player, past or present, who would it be and why?
A:The player I have always wanted to meet is Larry Bird. I love the way he could do anything on a basketball court. No one ever thought of him as the most athletic player out there, but he gave it everything he had until the buzzer sounded. He always made the most spectacular passes because he believed in team play. To meet him would be a great experience!

Q:What are some of your superstitions or rituals you do before a basketball game?
A: Before every game I always sit quietly by myself and try to envision the game. I go through the scouting report in my head and try see what the other team is doing, because being prepared always shows through.

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