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Athlete of the Week Archive
Athlete of the Week Archive

March 9, 2009


Jenna Zamprelli

What is hanging up on the walls in your room?
"Framed inspirational posters I found outside someone's house on my way to get the mail. I thought they were cool but apparently my neighbors didn't...they were in the trash. Also, pictures of friends and family!"

What has been your favorite road trip this year, and why?
"It would have to be the UNM tournament this last fall. This is where we gained so much confidence as a team and realized we could compete with the best."

What has been the toughest shot you have ever taken and how did it turn out?
"In San Diego this year, I had a ball that was on a hill that was about bellybutton level so I had to give it a baseball swing. I hit it decent, but I didn't hit the green. It was fun though...I like to play baseball!"

If you could play one other sport in college what would it be and why?
"I would definitely swim. I have been a swimmer all my life and I miss the physicality of the sport and competing in races."

If you had one super-power what would it be and why?
"I would want people to eat all of their food on their plate. I could never work in a restaurant because watching food go to waste is like stabbing a knife through my heart! It's like not buying a foot-long at Subway... It just isn't right."

Do you have any pre-round rituals and/or what do you do before every shot?
"The only thing I do that is irregular is that I drink ridiculous amounts of water. I drink a lot of water when I get nervous or anxious. I also try to stay away from good-tasting food while I play because I get extremely distracted."

What is one thing you would add to the sport of golf to make it more exciting?
"Definitely... grunting. I feel like one day golf will be like tennis where everyone yells or screams as they contact the ball. I look forward to when that day comes. Maybe someday I can start the trend."

Have you ever made a hole-in-one?
"In our last tournament in Sedona, I holed it from 150 yards for an eagle on a par 4... but no. Never have."

What is playing on your I-pod right now and what kind of music do you like?
"I like a lot of classic rock especially Boston and Journey. I love Celine Dion, Enya, and Dido. Then, it switches over to some rap, R&B, and a tiny bit of country."

Have you ever been golfing and accidentally hit a house?
"Well... yeah. It happens! Sometimes it's difficult to hit it straight! I hate to admit it, but the last course we played in Arizona was pretty tight for my game, and I hit one. No windows hit though which was good."

Who would be one celebrity that you would want to play a round of golf with and why?
"I would love to play with Michael Jordan. He is a BA. Plus, he plays a Maxfli 22. That's awesome."

What is the most vital article or item that you have misplaced while on a road trip?
"Golf clubs."

Your sister has signed with UW for next season, what are your feelings or thoughts on her coming to Laramie next year?
"I am pretty excited. She is my best friend, and she inspires me everyday. I'm not just saying this because she is my sister, but she truly is a world-class athlete. She will do amazing things here, and will definitely be a positive force for our team. However, I just hope that I can come to terms with her completely dominating and out-lifting me in workouts!"

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