Cowboy Football Team Wins the UW Athletics SADDLE Cup Award for the 2007-08 Academic Year - University of Wyoming Athletics
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Cowboy Football Team Wins the UW Athletics SADDLE Cup Award for the 2007-08 Academic Year

Aug. 28, 2008


The University of Wyoming Football team has won the SADDLE Cup award for the 2007-08 academic year. The SADDLE Cup is an annual competition held between all of the University of Wyoming Athletics teams. The winner of the SADDLE Cup is the team that acquires the most points by participating in a number of personal development exercises, academic workshops and community service projects throughout the year.

"I'm so proud of how these young men have given back to the school and the community through their work in the classroom and their community service," said head football coach Joe Glenn. "Our team gpa this past semester was a 2.75, which is the highest grade-point average I can remember of any team I've coached at any school that I've coached at. Good citizenship is also important to these young men, and I'm very proud of them for winning this award."

"Having the football team win the Saddle Cup after soccer had won or shared the Saddle Cup for the past 3 years is a testament to the growth of our program and the pride that all student athletes have for UW and the state of Wyoming," said Conrad Chavez, Assistant Athletics Director for Academic Services. "As we continue to increase our programming as it relates to the Saddle Cup, we look forward to increased competition amongst all of our teams. "

The competition was devised by the UW Athletics Office of Academic Support to recognize student-athletes who make a commitment to involve themselves in campus and community activities. The Cowboy Football team acquired the most points during the 2007-08 academic year.

The acronym SADDLE stands for: Student Athletes Dedicated to the Development of Leadership and Engagement. The competition is a component of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program. The NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills program was designed to support the development of the entire student-athlete during his or her higher education experience. CHAMPS/Life Skills outlines five commitment areas: Academic Excellence, Athletic Excellence, Personal Development, Career Development and Service to the Community.

This year's awarding of the SADDLE Cup will take place at a Wyoming Football game later this season.

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