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Athlete of the Week Archive

Aug. 27, 2008


Devin Moore

In a sport other than football, who is your favorite athlete to watch?
"The guy from Jamaica in the Olympics, Usain Bolt. I love to see him run. I'd like to race him in the 40 and see how I do. In football I would have to say one of my brothers. I used to love watching them play. I'd have to say Kevin Moore or Paul Moore. Those guys were pretty fast on the field, faster than I am. I'd have loved to see what they would have been like in college."

How much of the Olympics did you watch and were there any performances that stood out to you?
"Michael Phelps was unbelievable. Move over Tiger Woods. Mike is coming through. I want to be like Mike. He is the modern day Mike (Jordan). I caught some of his races and I also watched Usain Bolt run. Bolt was moving."

What is your favorite weight room lift? Favorite conditioning?
"Bench press. People look at me and ask why I like to bench press since I only weigh 190-195, but let's just say that I can do almost twice my body weight. Conditioning...definitely not the 8x80s we just had to run after practice. I don't know what you would call it, but I run the goal line, run to the 20, across the field on the 20 and then up the stadium steps. Then I jog it back down. It's a workout an old coach of mine turned me on to. I love to do that. I think it helps with my wind and with explosion."

What is hanging on the walls of your bedroom?
"In my bedroom I have a 'Footprints in the Sand' picture and poem. It's a poem about how God carries you during trying times in your life, resulting in just one set of prints in the sand."

What would be your superpower of choice?
"It would be between being really fast and having the strength of the Incredible Hulk. I'm actually thinking of shooting a commercial that would make it seem like I have superpowers. We'll set up a jug machine that shoots the football, I'll start even with it at the 50 and then I'll run down and catch the ball before it hits the ground."

When you make guys miss tackling you because of your speed and moves, do you ever think about what you are going to do?
"When I'm feeling good and calm during a game, then I might be able to think about it, but mostly it's more instinct during clutch times. I can't control it and my mind just tells my feet which way to go. Sometimes my feet can't keep up. It's crazy and may seem weird to talk about, but I think it is more instinctive."

What is your favorite city to visit?
"So far I think I have liked Fort Worth, Texas, the most."

If you had to play a defensive position, what would you pick?
"I'd go in for cornerback. I'm not too big of a guy, but corners have speed and quick hips so I think I could play that."

What is your favorite pre-game meal?
"I don't know how good this is for pre-game, but my mother used to make fried apples before I went to school. It is so good. Sometimes she would also make biscuits and gravy, another favorite."

What song do you want to hear on the loud-speakers before you get the ball on a third-and-goal?
"It's a new song actually...'I Put On For My City'. A lot of guys don't think that Indianapolis has good football. So I hope that I've helped show that there are some good players that come out of that city and the state of Indiana. I can run with some of the best of them, so I feel like when I play 'I put on for my city' just like the song."

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