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Athlete of the Week Archive
Athlete of the Week Archive

Sept. 13, 2007


Seth Grossman

This summer, how did you train for the upcoming season?
"I was in Montana and I lived next to Glacier Park. When I would get off of work I would run up and down the trails."

Describe an average week of practice. How many miles do you usually run?
"We are at about 70 miles a week. We will usually do three or four days a week of ten or eleven miles easy, two speed days of interval running and then one day of about fifteen miles."

When you are running, what are you thinking about?
"It varies, sometimes your mind is blank and you are just thinking about the run trying to hang in there and sometimes you think about school or the next race."

If I were to turn on your I-Pod right now what song/band would I hear?
"Probably the Killers or Amos Lee, nice easy listening."

You always hear about runners carbo loading. Do you carbo load and does it work?
"Oh yeah definitely. Pasta, pasta, pasta. Two nights before and the night before."

What was it like to put on the Wyoming Cowboy uniform for the first time?
"It's pretty cool. Coach still tells us every once in a while that we are running at the highest division one school in the country, so it's kind of special."

What do you do to get ready for a race? Any weird routines?
"Sometimes I'll try and crack my neck, and if I get some good cracks I know that it's going to be a good race."

How is it adjusting to college life?
"It's not too bad. I took a pretty light class schedule this semester, but I know that next semester with track it will be even more. More meets, more classes and more training, but right now its pretty manageable."

How different is it in Laramie than your hometown of Kalispell, Mont.?
"It's definitely sunnier here, and it's actually more isolated here. Once you get outside of Laramie there's really nothing, so that is kind of nice."

Gatorade or Water?

Have you ever taken an elbow or got spiked at the start of a race, fighting for position?
"No. Sometimes I'll talk with the other guys, try and taunt them but other than that no."

What do you like to eat after a long race?
"Usually after track meets I'll eat the teddy grahams and icing."

Do you run from class to class?
"No, I bike."

What brand of shoes do you prefer?

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