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Inside Wyoming women's basketball
Inside Wyoming women's basketball

UW Athletics Media Relations recently caught up with Clara Tapia for a web feature, "Inside Wyoming women's basketball". Throughout the month of October, the series will feature the women's basketball team's three newcomers.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about playing for the University of Wyoming?

A:   Basically I am looking forward to improving my skills in order to become a better basketball player and, of course, I am looking forward to live great team experiences that only sport can give, such as the emotion after getting an important victory. 

Q: Who has been your biggest motivator and supporter in your basketball career?

A: I would say that my first coaches, Marta Santiago and Javi Torralba always believed so much in my possibilities in a basketball court. I wouldn't be here now if they hadn't been in my life. I guess that someone that trusts you is always a good motivator. Apart from that, my family is also a big motivator for me because they have always encouraged me to live this kind of experiences and believe that I can do anything. 

Q: What is your favorite part about being from Spain and what do you miss the most?

A: An important part to being from Spain is the food. I really like Spanish food and I miss it. I also appreciate so much my city, Barcelona, which has beautiful places that I love and that I like simply to walk around. But, what I miss the most is the people, my family and my friends. Although I am sure I can build great friendships here but it is impossible not to miss the people with whom I used to spend my days. I really miss my room too!

Q: Besides basketball, what other sports did you grow up playing? 

A: I really like playing soccer and I used to spend time playing with my brothers.

Quick Hits:

How old were you when you started playing basketball:  6 years old

Favorite basketball player: Ricky Rubio

Hobby besides basketball: Playing piano and guitar

Q: How important has it been to have Marta, also from Spain, help you in your first year?

A: So far she has been really helpful. Before coming here, she explained me what was all this about, what I would find once here and how is people, food, school and basketball here. Her positive attitude and view of being part of the Wyoming team was so important for me to decide to come. Once here she is still being a big help for me because I know that I always can ask her whatever I need to know that she will help me. She knows what I am going through because she has already lived it. So, I can't ask for a better situation and for a better teammate!

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